"Change Creating Capital"

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"Change Creating Capital"

    Third Generation Capital Management is a investment consulting and research firm based in Dallas. The firm seeks to provide long-term investment strategies, specifically in equity securities, across various market capitalization within the North American market. In an ever-changing financial market driven by complexity and ongoing volatility, we believe prime opportunities arise through the utilization of true value investing and fundamental analysis.

    Our Principles

    We are committed to providing our investors with the highest quality of investment strategies that align with our business principles. To serve our investors through the generation of substantial capital appreciation and provide them with the opportunity to generate change through impact investing and philanthropy. We as an organization are above all built on the principle of putting our clients at the forefront of our business, developing and maintaining a strong relationship based on trust. As a result, we expect the same principles to be demonstrated in the various businesses we choose to invest. We believe the businesses we invest in should be held to the same standard that we hold for our organization, anything less is unacceptable.

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    Our Approach

    "Markets React. We Analyze."

    We pride ourselves on the ability to identify opportunities based upon the true fundamental drivers of businesses. Our investment approach is simple: grow our managed capital through investment in securities recognized as “astounding businesses” both financially and throughout executive management. Seeking to continually maximize value, aligning with our philosophy of investing in the best companies at the cheapest price relative to intrinsic value.

    Business Management

    1Understandable business operations guided by experienced executives and managers with a singular focus on customers. Organizational emphasis on simplification of supply side challenges and increased efficiency.

    Intrinsic Value

    2 Our goal is to find undervalued positions across the market relative to their true value (with a focus on the financial statements). Businesses recognized as great companies by their brand and economic moat.

    Technological Innovation

    3We select companies that share an organizational focus on reaching long term goals over Wall Street’s short term expectations and prioritize technological innovation within products/services and across the industry.


    4Companies that exhibit a defined culture of reinvestment in both their products and employees to the evolving customer needs. Encouraging community impact outside the workplace through service and outreach.

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    Trusted Industry-Professionals and Business Partners


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